You can preload Battlefield 2042's open beta client now

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Ahead of the multiplayer open beta test starting this week, you can now preload the Battlefield 2042 client to be yare as anon as war breaks out. The BF2042 open beta commences Friday, though pre-orderers and EA Play members will get early access from Wednesday. Battlefield was last in the near future It's been three years, so how do you choose to return?

You can now preload the Battlefield 2042 open beta client on Steam (you'll require to click the Request Access button, but it'll be granted instantly), Origin (click the Endeavor It First button then probe for the beta client in your library), and the Epic Games Store. The download size on Steam is 19GB. And it's on Xbox and PlayStation additionally, obvs.

The beta offers Conquest mode on one map, Orbital, the rocket launch site visually perceived in the first trailer. With the threat of a blast-off, he can now throw this tornado. It's an ingloriousness that EA have ceased utilizing the marketing portmanteau "levelution" because the daftness always made me laugh. And oh affirmative, it'll have four of the game's characters/classes.

Open beta commences at 8am UK time (midnight Pacific) on Friday the 8th, following the "early access" period for billionaires which commences at 8am on Wednesday the 6th. The whole thing ends at 8 a.m. on the 10th Sunday. Visually perceive EA's open beta page for more info.

Ostensibly the game's near-future war is set against a backdrop of cataclysmic climate change, climate refugees, and satellites being wiped out by all the crud in orbit? Maybe the games were more comforting when you had to kill monsters because they intended to wear your bum as a tiny little hat. Hey, demons, back off, I require that to keep my trousers up.

Battlefield 2042 will be fully launched on November 19th.

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