Xiaomi launches its own smart glasses, of course

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Xiaomi is challenging Facebook in the wearable realm, launching its own intelligent glasses. The contrivance won't only be capable of taking photos, but additionally of displaying messages and notifications, making calls, providing navigation and translating text right in genuine time in front of your ocular perceivers. Like Facebook, Xiaomi is withal putting accentuation on the contrivance's lightness despite its features. At 51 grams, though, it's remotely heavier than the convivial network's Ray-Ostracize Stories. In the integration, there is a designer light with glasses that shows when a 5-megapixel camera is in use.

Xiaomi's Perspectives specs are powered by a quad-core ARM processor and run on Android. They withal use MicroLED imaging technology, which is kenned for having a higher refulgence and longer lifespan than OLED. The company verbally expresses the technology has a simpler structure that enabled it to engender a compact exhibit with individual pixels sized at 4μm. You won't be able to view the images you take in color, though — Xiaomi verbalizes it opted to utilize a monochrome exhibit solution "to sanction ample light to pass through complexified optical structures."

According to Xiaomi, its smart glasses won't be just another screen for your phone. It is capable of many things independently, such as culling the most paramount notifications to show you, including keenly intellective home alarms and messages from consequential contacts. The contrivance's navigation capability can exhibit maps and directions right in front of your ocular perceivers. It can withal show you the number of who is currently calling on your phone, and you can make calls utilizing perspicacious glasses built into the mic and verbalizer.

It can pick up mic verbalization, as well as Xiaomi’s proprietary translation algorithm can translate in genuine time. The glasses translation feature also works on text and captures photos through its camera. Haplessly, the company has yet to promulgate a price or launch date for the glasses, but we'll keep you updated when that transpires.

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