World Pharmacist Day 2021 : Why World Pharmacist Day is celebrated on 25 September

World Pharmacist Day will be celebrated across the world on 25 September. This day keeps a sense of respect and reverence for the pharmacist. Pharmacists played an important role in the Corona period. The theme of this year's World Pharmacist Day(WPD) is "Pharmacy: Always and Forever Trustworthy for Your Health".

World Pharmacist Day(WPD) is celebrated every year on 25 September. Pharmacists or what we commonly call chemists or druggists are the resultant medical professionals.

History of World Pharmacist Day

The question often asked is why World Pharmacist Day(WPD) is celebrated on 25 September only and not on any other day. The reason abaft this is that the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) was established on September 25, 1912. It is an ecumenical organization of national sodalities of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. In 2009, the FIP Council in Istanbul, Turkey proposed that Pharmacists Day should be celebrated on 25 September every year to promote and embolden the pharmacy sector, as the day would additionally mark the anniversary of the founding of FIP.

International Pharmaceutical Federation

The International Pharmaceutical Federation(IPF) was founded in the Netherlands in 1912. The International Pharmaceutical Federation(IPF) is an international body in charge of acting as the governing and representative body of pharmaceutical science and edification. Millions of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and pharmaceutical edifiers ecumenical are represented under this sodality by members of 144 national organizations, edifying institutions.

Importance of World Pharmacist Day

We all ken how paramount the job of a pharmacist is and how paramount it is ecumenically. Even at a time when the world was suffering lamentably from the pandemic, where the public feared to step out of their homes, these pharmacists were on their obligation, without caring about their lives and preserving millions of lives concurrently. These were front line workers. The main distinction between them and medicos is that medicos may not be available to you immediately, whereas in times of emergency and exigent assistance, pharmacists can prescribe the right medicines at the right time to give the medicine to give immediate mitigation.

What does a Pharmacist do?

They ascertain the safety of the patient first by providing the right medicine, they ascertain that the hygiene of the place is maintained well as it may cause discomfort to the patient. Ascertain that the quality of the medicine is as per the standards. Give their valuable exhortation along with the prescribed medicine and withal check whether the medicine is compatible with the health of the patient.

Theme of World Pharmacist Day 2021

This year's theme is "Pharmacy: Always Trustworthy for Your Health", the reason for culling it as a theme goes deeper. Its all about trust. Trust is a paramount factor in every relationship, be it personal or professional. Similarly, the trust between a pharmacist and a patient is equipollently estimable. When you trust someone only then you will follow the path shown by them and in times of pandemic people everywhere blindly trusted the exhortation given by their chemist because they were confident that their exhortation would not go in vain.

Father Of Indian Pharmacy

Preceptor Mahadev Lal Shroff is kenned as the father of Indian Pharmacy. His contribution in the field of pharmacy was nonpareil. He was going to introduce a 3 year course for Pharmacy at Banaras Hindu University(BHU), which is now followed in every public and private universities in India. Born in a diminutive town in Darbhanga, Bihar, Prof. Shroff consummated his schooling from Bhagalpur. For his inculcation, he joined the Engineering College of Banaras Hindu University. He then went on to study in the US where he consummated his Bachelor of Science in Iowa in 1922. in Chemical Engineering(C.E.) and was awarded prestigious scholarship. In December 1935, the Coalesced Provinces Pharma Sodality was established, which expanded expeditiously out of Uttar Pradesh in 1939 and became the Indian Pharmaceutical Sodality in 1939 with branches across the country. He was the founding editor of the Indian Journal of Pharmacy, which was engendered in January 1939.

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