Watch Ken Block's Hoonigan team build an authentic life 'Halo' Warthog conveyance

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Ken Block’s Hunigan Industries has built a fully functional Worthog vehicle, and the team is showing us the process passed through a new series on YouTube. While far from the first life-size version of Halo's famous armored vehicle, this actually works - it also debuted at the world premiere of the film Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds, a bank teller who discovers he's an NPC in an open world game.

The Hunigan team engendered its authentic life Worthog utilizing a custom rock crawler chassis. As the autoblog notes, it doesn't have a mounted gun, but it definitely looks akin to a worthog with its chunky body, futuristic shape, curved windshield and brobdingnagian tires. Its interior is withal a replica of its virtual obverse, and the team withal corroborated that it has a four-wheel steering system. To power the beast, the team took the Ford V8 engine and integrated two turbos to it, giving it a capacity of 1,060 horsepower.

The Warthog appears across games in the Halo franchise as a driveable military conveyance, and the Hoonigan team built a replica of it to promote the upcoming Halo Illimitable game that's launching in December. Hoonigan, the brainchild of rally driver Ken Block who was additionally behind The Gymkhana Files, will upload incipient episodes exhibiting how the Warthog was built every week until October 14th.

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