Special Ops 1.5: Himmat Story

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Special OPS 1.5 Release Date
Special Ops 1.5 Release Date | Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Videos

Following the sensational prosperity of espionage thriller 'Special Ops', Disney + Hotstar and Friday Storytellers are introducing an incipient exhilarating expansion into the exhibition macrocosm with 'Special Ops 1.5: The Stoutheartedness Story'. Directed by Neeraj Pandey, master storyteller and director of Friday Storytellers, Shivam Nair will take the audience back in time to recount the creative years of Agent Himmat Singh, the compelling storytelling agent of his first such prequel series. He will be visually perceived going through the dark alleys of politics, red-tapism and honey trapping.

The character of Himmat Singh earned the love of the audience for his incredible faith in his business and for inspiring him to go the extra mile to stay for his country.

The next independent chapter on Himmat Singh is a gift for action lovers who discover how he became an undisputed spy in Indian intelligence, as seen in the hotstar ‘Special Special Ops’ released in 2020.


Shutted down in many places like Mumbai, Delhi and Malaysia, Ukraine and Mauritius, 'Special Ops 1.5: The Courage Story' is a repeat of the nation's biggest threat, which will soon become the nation's biggest spy as it fights corruption and politics. Fights. System.

Special Ops Macrocosm Special Ops 1.5: The Expected Prequel to The Courage Story will be available exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar from November 12 onwards.

As Neeraj Pandey said, “Special Ops has managed to make a place in the hearts of the audience as the story of each character has become a profound driving point. But one character that stood out to a large number of fans was Himmat Singh. Viewers will optically discern what made Himmat Singh the man they doted in the first installment.”

Integrating to equipollent, actor Kay Kay Menon verbally expressed, “Through 'Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story', what we have managed to engender is an astronomically unique experience of delving deeper on why Himmat Singh - The RAW Agent is the way he is. The audience is introduced to his flaws and brilliance but through this installment, the moments from which he became an elastic agent with an uncertain posture for his mission. Playing Himmat Singh in Special Ops 1 was a rich experience for me as an actor. It required a vague expression of the most explosive emotions that were emerging inside. Focusing on the goal of emotional ambiguity and achieving it without unchecking, spoils the way to the goal. Special Ops 1.5 will look at the more motivated youth of courage for which the actor in me needed to get used to it without losing the basic grain and essence of the person called Himmat. It was meant to be such that, even if it were different, the audience could extrapolate and feel that yes this person could be and the Himmat that we have visually perceived in Special Ops 1. I am excited to see the unique composition of Himmat Singh’s story for the audience.

While Friday Storytellers' Shital Bhatia, the engenderer of the exhibition, has a grand vision for the franchise, verbalizing about which, he shared, "We have scaled up this season of the Special Ops macrocosm and will perpetuate in this endeavor to take our franchise forward, making it more immensely colossal, better and bolder as we proceed ahead."

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