Recommended reading: 'Facebook files'

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The Facebook files

The Wall Street Journal

If you've been following all the technical news this week, you've probably read some WWSJ reports. However, the whole series of articles is worth watching because it shows how much Facebook knows about the implementation of unequal policy, how toxic Instagram can be for teenage girls, the potency of its algorithm, illicit activity and most surprisingly, how activists like Mark Zuckerberg push for the last COVID-19 vaccines.

This FDA approved necklace is designed to avert encephalon injuries in athletes

Mark Wilson, Fast Company

For contact sports, wearing a helmet alone can never prevent anxiety, so doctors and researchers should look for other ways to reduce the effects. With the Q-collar, the $ 200 band that is worn on the back of the neck, the Q30 hopes to inhibit encephalon trauma by slowing blood flow to the internal jugular vein in athletes.

The Sensational Revolution of Video Games: How Heptics Restored Controller

Justin Charity, The Ringer

We have come a very long way since the Rumble pack for the Nintendo 64. Ringer explores the role of heptic feedback in gaming through the lens of Sony's Dualsense for the PS5, wondering what the future of gaming might be.

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