Lucid's limited edition Air EV is rated for the Tesla-Beat 520 mile EPA range

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Lucid has promulgated the EPA series of its first, circumscribed edition Air EV and it is very impressive. The Air Dream Edition range will run 520 miles on a charge, "delivering an additional range of at least 100 miles more than its nearest competitor," the company announced. According to Lucid, the tested models “Now have the top six spaces for the overall EPA range in EVs."

Both the Air Dream Edition models (range and performance) offer 113kWh battery packs - significantly more immensely colossal than the 100 kWh utilized in Tesla's Model S Long Range Plus - but the company said the wonderful range isn't just because of it.

"Lucid CEO / CTO Peter Rawlins said, "This milestone was not achieved just by installing a large size battery pack." Our race-proven 900V battery and BMS [battery management system] technology, our miniature drive units, together with our Wonderbox [drivetrain] technology give the Lucid Air extremely high efficiency, enabling it to travel more miles with less battery power. "

A very low 0.21 drag coefficient of air also helps, especially on highways. Considering the size of the battery v/s the EPA range, the range model distributes 4.6 miles/kWh compared to 4.01 miles/kWh for the Tesla Model S.

Despite the denomination, performance is not sacrificed in the range model. It still distributes 933 horsepower, which is enough to bring it from 0 to 60 MPH in 2.7 seconds and reach a top celerity of 168 MPH. The 1,111 hp (horsepower) performance ver, for the moment, will run 471 miles on charge and the 800 hp (horsepower) Lucid Air Grand Touring 516 miles. Tests were performed with 19-inch wheels, and all models will travel significantly less distance (although it may seem cool) with 21-inch wheels.

However, you will definitely pay for that category and performance. The Air Dream Edition models, a limited number of 500 were released and first hit the market, will start at 169,000. The Air Grand Touring model will later appear at $ 139,000, followed by the $ 95,000 Air Touring and determinately the Base, $ 80,000 Air. When they go on sale that it is still an open question. Lucid recently promised a second a moiety of 2021 for the first constrained edition models, but has missed a number of earlier deadlines.

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