LG's 325-inch Direct View LED TV is an answer to Samsung's The Wall

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

You don't have to stick to Samsung's The Wall if you insist on a huge TV for your equally spread mansion. LG has introduced the Direct View LED (DVLED) extreme home cinema line aimed at "super-luxury" homes. It relies on the same basic concept to create a complete picture in a customized shape using millions of LED diodes (from 2 million to 33 million), but it can scale to a size that can also make Samsung blush - you can choose anything from ' Would. Small '81 inch for room-dominated 325-inch setup.

You'll require to stick to the traditional 16 : 9 ratio if you optate those extremes, but you can withal cull the "UltraStretch" 32: 9 system if you optate to visually examine multiple video sources at once (say, featuring live games) Teams you own). If you want an 8K picture you have to spring for those 33 million diodes, but if you are not sure enough to impress your guests you can do 4K or even 2K. WebOS controller box provides astute TV function.

LG is now taking orders for this DVLED home set, but you won't be shocked to auricularly discern that LG does not list prices when each system is a custom order. It is safe to say that costs will not be negligible. LG estimates that the cost of installation, warranty and support (including "health checks" twice a year) is $ 30,000 the actual set is much higher. If that’s too much, you’ll have to ‘settle’ for LG’s $ 100,000 Rollable OLED TV instead.

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