Hyundai Putus will work as Boston Dynamic's spot robot factory safety inspector

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The automaker withal outfitted the robot with several upgrades.The spot on Boston Dynamics has found itself a new job, and thankfully this time it doesn’t include a potential battlefield role. Hyundai has commenced testing the robot at a Kia manufacturing plant in South Korea where it will be one of the implements utilized by the company to ascertain the facility is safe for workers. Hyundai introduces the first public clearance between the habitual companies that acquired a major stake in Boston Dynamics last June.

You will see the spot shown in the video released by Hyundai which is different from the robot that we have seen in the clips of the past. That's because the automaker's robotics lab essentially equips it with a backpack with a number of enhancements, including a thermal camera, lidar, and more powerful computing resources to handle additional AI functions. The "AI Processing Service Unit" allows the spot to locate people, monitor temperature and check for fire hazards.In addition, a secure webpage allows factory workers to remotely monitor the robot, and take control if they want to closely monitor the area of the facility.

According to Hyundai, the pilot will help it evaluate the effectiveness of the spot as a late night security patrol robot before deploying it to additional industrial sites. The automaker of automation, manufacturing and construction applications had its grand plans for Boston Dynamics to be consistent with it when the company purchased.

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