Google adds one-button group chats to calendar meetings

Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Do you ever wish you could expeditiously share notes afore a Google Calendar meeting, or follow up later? You can now. Google Workspace and G Suite are updating users to allow you to easily create group chats with everyone from your organization who attends a given meeting. You require to tap a button near the guest list to commence a direct conversation from the event, whether you are on the web or on your phone.

This will not work with people outside of your organization. You may even have to be patient. Web users on the expeditious release track are in the midst of a 15-day rollout that mutely commenced on September 20th, while mobile users and more cautious companies will have to wait until October 4th.

If there is an expected step it is a welcome step. Google is increasingly integrating its workspace web applications, including Gmail's growing role as a hub for office communications. The Calendar extension is a logical extension - it can make Google's chat service an easy choice for meeting organizers who want to send a message to collaborators.

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