Get this top-rated MagSafe car charger for a discount of over 15%

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Like its predecessor Bluetooth, wireless charging has taken the world by storm, and every new device coming to market has some form of this technology, whether it be QI or MagSafe. While there is great news for those of us who hate carrying around power cables for all our devices, even wireless charging is not without its disadvantages.

For example: Use it to navigate in a car when you are trying to charge your phone wirelessly. Troubles and turns can shake the mobile device from its place on the mount, break the charging connection and distract you and force you to put it back together. If you want to keep your phone powered and safe on the road, it's time to invest E 37 in ESR HaloLock.

This perspicacious car doubles as a charger mount, affixing securely to your dashboard or windshield with a reusable suction cup. Powerful magnets, on the other hand, hold your iPhone 12 securely and adjust it automatically for faster charging. With a 360-deg. adjustable ball joint, you can find the best viewing angles and lock your phone firmly in place. Whether you choose a portrait or landscape orientation, either mode works.

Hellolock is a MagSafe charger, so it supports fast charging enabled by 7.5W power and intelligent heat management. This means you will spend less time managing your battery life once you get out of the car. HelloLock has received 4.3 stars with over 3,500 ratings on Amazon. It was also featured in publications such as Forbes and Business Insider which are guaranteed for its performance.

If you have an iPhone 12 model, the ESR HaloLock will be a perfect addition to your car. Right now, you can buy one for $ 37, or a 17 percent discount on the RP 44 MSRP.

Prices are subject to change.

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